Chance, Fate, or some might call it luck, but because of an opportunity that was created by one such encounter, Lisa Yonker Photography came to be.
We look at our lives and are able to pick out key moments or events that have altered our paths. Meeting Kirk Fleischauer and the opportunities that followed, enabled me to pursue this passion of photography. A gifted artist, Kirk taught me the profession, then gave me the nudge I needed when it was time to go off on my own. Somehow he must have seen something in me that I couldn’t see by myself. A big Thank You Kirk.
And so this is how Lisa Yonker Photography came to be. I am the receptionist, photographer, photoshop artist, and the person assembling and delivering your photo’s. By being the photographer and photoshop artist I believe that I can proudly say the photo’s you receive are truly my works of art.


  See You in front of the Camera,
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